((+27633809460)) BONTRA NOORANI magic ring in namibia

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Contact bin alli mamafatia
south Africa, Johannesburg, eastern cape, South Africa
ZAR 890.00
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((+27633809460)) BONTRA NOORANI magic ring
this is the powerful mystic ring organised by great magicians (460.800Bc) improved by the pharaohs in Egypt. this ring has got powers of the angels of seven planets. it will affect your stars and change you. it will give you success in love, business, make you look attractive,protect you in your journeys. it will prevent you from being fooled by other people. great miracles will come in your life. it will protect you from evil powers witchcraft and even water or fire will not be able to harm you.give you promotion in any field you want. remember difficult answers in exams or test and attract the opposite sex. any type of lotto, casino, etc. will be won by you. when this ring is worn, its powers
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